Thursday, 25 April 2019

Opportunity to Be Creative with Corrugated Boxes

We all know about the corrugated boxes. They keep the items safe while they are being shipped to our doorsteps. Then those corrugated boxes are placed in the attic because we do not usually have their immediate usage in the mind. We tend to keep them because they are sturdy enough to give a feeling that they can be useful in the future.

The good thing about cardboard boxes is that they can be used for a number of artistic and organizing tasks. A few things about corrugated boxes are worth mentioning in this regard.

Difference is in the flutes
It is worth mentioning here that corrugated board is not to be confused with cardboard. The major difference between the two boards is related to the flutes, which are the waves pressed between the two sheets. Due to the special wavy pattern of flutes, corrugated board is sturdier as compared to cardboard. Cardboard is usually based on a sheet which is quite thin.

Sturdiness and recyclability
Have you ever thought what makes corrugated board the most popular packaging material? It is the sturdiness combined with recyclability that makes the corrugated board to surge in popularity. According to a survey, about 90% of the corrugated board produced in USA gets recycled after being used. It is sturdy enough to support the products of different shapes and sizes. Moreover, this material has become increasingly appealing for the customers who have grown fond of the concept of saving the environment by controlling packaging waste.

Label printing on corrugated boxes
There are countless designs and styles that you can go with while printing labels on the corrugated boxes. The most popular design to talk about in this regard is the POP display which you can print the corrugated box which you are going to use for the shipping of product. If you ask a designer about their favorite thing which they want printed in the corrugated box, they are going to mention the graphics. This is due to the fact that printing on corrugated box is very easy. You can also print designs on the thinner substrate which will be then glued to the box. This way, you can create a litho laminated box. This is going to be the perfect option if you want your packaging design to look more high-end. Moreover, you can print designs and labels in the thin paperboard. This is called designing a sleeve.

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